Our real estate company has but a single aim : to offer you the highest possible level of personal service. Such service is not only your right; it is the indispensable interface necessary to present your property. Only the best satisfies us.

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Registered Office
Chaussée de Malines, 14
1970 Wezembeek Oppem
TEL. 00/32 (0) 2.731.49.99
FAX 00/32 (0) 2.791.53.66
MOBILE : 00/32 (0) 475.24.43.48
e-mail : marcsorgeloose@gmail.com

Professional Insurance : AGF 201055887520002
VAT : 0896 525 567
IPI Official Agent : n° 505226
Official Control Authority : IPI – rue de Luxembourg, 16B – 1000 Bruxelles
Professional code of ethics IPI – www.ipi.be

Operational Office
Rue Felix Bovie, 28
1050 Bruxelles


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Chaussée de Malines, 14
1970 – Wezembeek Oppem